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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
term meaning in tamil is அடுத்தடுத்து வரும் குறிப்பிட்ட காலம்

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Punjab National Bank on Saturday announced revised interest rates for domestic term deposits with effect from January 2 2006. Listing the relief measures undertaken by the bank for those affected by the recent flood IOB general manager P.K. Tripathy said the interest rate on agricultural jewel loan upto Rs.50000 would be 0.50 per cent lower for short term crops. Dikshit the second term as Chief Minister has certainly not been smooth and the infighting and constant bickering within the party has certainly derailed the administrative process affecting decisionmaking in the Government. Insurance agents are pushing these products without disclosing the fact that the products offer low insurance cover and are meant for only long term investment. According to him the move by IRDA is good as it clearly sets a playing field that segregates investment products that seek to maximise returns with low to medium costs from long term risk some returns products. Batra admits the new IRDA norms such as 3 year lockin 5 year minimum term of policies and minimum sum assured may have some temporary impact on the acceptance of these erstwhile popular instruments. The sum assured will now be equal to 0.5 times the policy term multiplied by the annual premium or five times the annual premium whichever is higher on nonsingle premium products. Another legal objection was that Parliament could not expel a member as that would cut down his or her constitutionally assured term in Parliament. Expulsion results in automatic termination of the term of the MP as was held by the Election Commissioner about Mrs.