tender meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
tender meaning in tamil is இளமையான

tender meaning in tamil with example

tender tamil meaning and more example for tender will be given in tamil.
It also appealed to the Government to give directions to the Public Works Department and the Highways Department to issue tender documents for government works to all eligible contractors. And the women were not even allowed to wear their thali as the white managers saw it interfering with their work with tender rubber seedlings she explains. The implementing agency of the child labour project would first study the causes as to why children were becoming labourers at a tender age. At a press conference here on Monday he said that the failure on the part of the State Government to tender the required approach road for the over bridge was causing the delay. Janardhana Reddy Telugu Desam Legislature Party Deputy Leader that there were irregularities in the tender process for the scheme. Later the firm shifted to another address in the city showing a person employed by the accused as its proprietor according to tender documents. Claiming that the Commissioner had floated a tender for the project in December 2004 and entrusted the work to a contractor at an estimated cost of Rs. Walking over a kilometre through narrow roads they checked out life away from the city sipping tender coconut water in between. Dangerous trend The practice of useandthrow of animals employed for dissection would make the tender minds perceive the other forms of life as mere disposable commodities which is a very dangerous trend. There is a procedure prevailing among politicians that in each contract work the local Minister of the particular district and the chairman of the panchayat have to be given a percentage of commission on the tender work he alleged.