tendency meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
tendency meaning in tamil is போக்கு

tendency meaning in tamil with example

tendency tamil meaning and more example for tendency will be given in tamil.
The only way to curb the tendency to target historical buildings and prevent their demolition was to declare Mysore a heritage city he said. But man has the freedom to change his innate tendency to act in a particular way which is especially important in spiritual life 151 he can change his bad impulses and correct himself whenever his Vasana impels him to commit misdeeds. The tendency to load the roads beyond their carrying capacity through faulty land use is visible everywhere. The tendency to write off inconvenient ideas and rival political or intellectual trends is old hat but pronouncing the death of ideology itself is a uniquely postmodernist phenomenon as bizarre as theories about ahistorical past and apolitical history. Moreover pragmatism suggests a tendency to go with the flow and the tide of public opinion whereas Mr. She will also have to use her financial expertise to balance Liberias need for massive overseas investment against the tendency of donor organisations to dictate the national interests of recipient countries. Vidyas match went on a laborious note with both players taking their own time and also showing a tendency to falter. He said the attack had taken place as Bangalore was a fast growing city and there was a tendency to target such cities. One should learn to break away from the human tendency to seek temporary measures to alleviate the intensity of sorrow and begin to accept lifes challenges and look out for permanent peace. Deprecating the growing tendency among students to opt for only engineering courses mostly at the insistence of their parents Dr.