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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
tenant meaning in tamil is குடியிருப்பவர், குத்தகையாளர்

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In the rice belt of Kuttanad spanning parts of Alappuzha Kottayam and Pathanamthitta districts the SBT has launched a new scheme to finance paddy cultivation by tenant farmers. However since the title deeds of the leased areas are with others the tenant farmers cannot take bank assistance under the usual stipulations. A tenant of the building woke up due to the noise created by Rajeshwar and was surprised to find the light on. The house owner and a tenant living on ground and first floors respectively told the police that they did not hear any cries when the murder was committed. Staff Reporter Commits suicide Kakinada A tenant farmer Sakinala Manikyam 57 of Durgada village allegedly committed suicide by consuming pesticide on Monday. Fears come true Osman a tenant running a shop that was being pulled down pleaded with UDA officials to give him some time so that he could take away the shutter without any damage and use it elsewhere. The move to provide separate credit windows to Self Help Groups of tenant farmers is another welcome step. He commended other features of the budget such as opening of a separate window for selfhelp groups or joint liability groups of tenant farmers and onetime relief for farmers who have obtained crop loans for kharif and rabi 200506. According to the police Chandra Rekha Patiyal a resident of Khirki Extension in Malviya Nagar was found murdered by her tenant at around 1130 a.m. She had sustained stab injuries. He asked Agriculture Department officials to accelerate the process of forming tenant farmer groups thus enabling them to avail farm loans from banks.