ten meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
ten meaning in tamil is பத்து

ten meaning in tamil with example

ten tamil meaning and more example for ten will be given in tamil.
10 Get organized On just about every New Year resolution top ten list organization can be a very reasonable goal. Installed a year ago the solarpowered weather station collects data for every ten minutes on minimum and maximum temperature rainfall wind direction wind speed solar radiation air temperature low and high relative humidity soil temperature at 5 cm 10 cm and 20 cm depth. Pension should be calculated on the basis of the last paydrawn instead of the recently introduced system of taking the average of last ten months salary. Kumars charge BJPs Sudha Jain said that not a single MW of additional power was generated during ten years of Congress rule. City Police alerted all police stations in the State and formed ten squads to trace the missing students studying in standards VIIPlus I. They had declared only ten per cent of the sale price of the plots thus evading millions of rupees in tax. Students excel Students from the Krishna Murthys V Study Circle bagged seven of the first ten ranks in the 18th Science talent search examination conducted by Dr. A.S. Rao Awards Council in December. Complaints solved In the adalat held on Tuesday in ten village offices in five taluks 494 out of 590 complaints were resolved. Karthikeyan on Friday that the Tamil Nadu Backward Economic Development Corporation had advanced Rs 2000 each to women belonging to Backward and Most Backward Classes above 18 years of age to start small trade at ten per cent interest. Nearly two decades and ten feature films later the wellknown Assamese filmmaker had to once again face a bitter truth that most regional filmmakers are still unknown in this cinemacrazy country.