tempt meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
tempt meaning in tamil is ஆசை காட்டு

tempt meaning in tamil with example

tempt tamil meaning and more example for tempt will be given in tamil.
COURAGE DOWN UNDER At Shiela PVR Saket and other Delhi theatres It is time to tempt fate ride your luck. But just as the viewers sit down engrossed in this tale of human bestiality the director decides to tempt fate again. For people who cannot live without a book a mere sign saying book sale is enough to tempt them to browse and pick a few new friends off the shelf. If you are a Windows Firefox user check out how the new IE might be able to tempt you back into its fold. II 1200m Maiden 3yo only 9Terms Espirit De Liberte Conquering Hero Tempt Me 53.5 Kamlesh 1 Stunning Star 53.5 S.N. Chavan 2 Mantovani 55 T.S. Jodha 3 and Shambaala 53.5 cd. Residents of Ramalingeswara Nagar on Sunday opposed attempts to open a liquor shop in residential area saying it would easily tempt hundreds of dailywage workers and transport workers living in the area. Liberal discounts and gifts such as colour TVs refrigerators and washing machines gold coins and diamond pendants tempt consumers by the hordes to shops. Hanumantha Rao Hyderabad The lure of easy money and the manner in which the corrupt flaunt their wealth tempt more and more to resort to corruption. In short he was trying to tempt the Congress to win parliamentary approval for such a step with the help of the Opposition rather than count on its own allies and supporting parties. 8 18 A girl so English abandoned in a harem 8 21 Tempt with some succulent iceberg lettuce 6 22 A summer snake. Many of the roads are broad and welllaid which tempt the road users to go at breakneck speed police say.