temper meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
temper meaning in tamil is கோபம்

temper meaning in tamil with example

temper tamil meaning and more example for temper will be given in tamil.
Syria and Lebanon gave vent to their temper only for a brief period in a match that was expected to produce explosive football in the Nehru Cup at the Ambedkar Stadium here on Thursday. In another case he claimed A Lebanese girl came into the office in a foul temper asking for one of the guys who worked there. Deputy Director of the Information Department Basavaraj Para on Friday said that the proposed planetarium will go a long way in improving the scientific temper and knowledge of students in the educationally backward region of Hyderabad Karnataka. Scientific temper The augmentation and operationalisation of these additional terminals will facilitate the dissemination of information on science and technology and help in building scientific temper among students. The centre was keen on igniting the scientific temper in young minds and had motivated students to do projects. With a lot of emphasis laid on igniting scientific temper in students the renovation of the planetarium could not have come at a better time. This will temper the quest for accelerated economic growth in the developing world with sustainability objectives and ensure that the health of workers and their societies is not jeopardised. However after about half an hour the MLA reportedly lost his temper and allegedly began assaulting Mr. The 12th Interschool Science Expo conducted by Bala Vidya Mandir Adyar on the school premises last week brought out the scientific temper in young minds in schools across the city.