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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
telescopic meaning in tamil is தொலைநோக்கி

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The decorated rath with a telescopic canopy that had been brought from Bangalore especially for this annual event organised by the International Society for Krishna Consciousness ISKCON passed through the important roads of the city. The decision of Indian Railways to curtail the benefit of telescopic fare for onward journey between two unconnected stations which came into effect on April 1 is an exercise aimed at rationalising the system to prevent manipulation that may lead to losses. All railway divisions in the country have received a circular to make requisite changes in the computer systems to reflect pointtopoint fare and not the telescopic fare between two stations that are not connected by a direct train. Train passengers told The HolyIndia that this should have been announced by the authorities as the telescopic fare benefit between two stations which were not connected from the point of origin had been available for long. Expressing concern over the Railways decision to withdraw the telescopic fare structure to the long distance passengers A.Giri Vicepresident Thanjavur District Rail Users Association said that long distance train passengers were adversely affected. With the sudden withdrawal of telescopic fare structure passengers have to purchase separate ticket for each train paying higher fare. The previous fare from Kumbakonam to Mumbai CST via Tiruchi Chennai Guntakal Pune was Rs 443 for seleeper class under the telescopic structure. Until the morning of April 1 even chief reservation supervisors were unaware that train fares have been revised after withdrawing telescopic benefit to passengers.