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The former Health Minister told a news conference here on Sunday that he suspected the genuineness of the taped version of his telephonic conversation with the DMO as several portions of the actual dialogue appeared to be missing from it. Health Minister K.K. Ramachandran had to put in his papers following the airing of taped version of one of his telephonic conservations. He reportedly admitted that he had a telephonic talk with the main suspect Abdul Rehman but it has nothing do with attack on the IISc. Kumar rang up a senior police officer and even as the telephonic conversation was on he was allegedly hit on the side of the head by the SI. The Chief Minister in a telephonic message to the audience at the inauguration wished the IT show all success and congratulated the organisers Kerala State IT Mission. Nearly 20 trained volunteer counsellors will help students deal with the pressure through telephonic counselling. The department officials rue their misfortune for not being able to get the NOC even after repeated reminders through mail telegrams and telephonic conversations. I guess after my win in Corus my critics will have to think of something new now Anand told PTI in a telephonic interview. I just feel like Im not quite done yet Navratilova said on Wednesday in a telephonic interview from her home in Sarasota Florida. Thiagarajan in a telephonic interview from Malaysia where he claimed to be staying with his relatives said those seeking his dismissal would first need togo to the Small Causes Court.