technology meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
technology meaning in tamil is தொழில்நுட்ப கருவி

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technology tamil meaning and more example for technology will be given in tamil.
The main debate emerged around Information Technology taking over governance or governance supporting IT initiatives. But the census to be conducted from January 15 will include the stateoftheart technology devised by wildlife biologists and the entire exercise will be monitored by independent observers from the Centre and approved by the Wildlife Institute of India Dehra Dun. He said the Central Government had sanctioned a Software Technology Park for Kakinada city which is expected to come into being shortly. The nearly threeyearlong boom in the construction industry spurred by the phenomenal growth of information technology parks in and around Chennai has run into problems 151 severe shortage of construction sand and bricks 151 in the past few days. The Indian Institute of Science in response to a statement made by Science and Technology Minister Basavaraj Horatti clarified on Saturday that terrorists firing at the campus of the IISc. We have to assess the varied infrastructure requirements of our trade and industry especially of the growing IT and BT information technology and biotechnology sectors and work ceaselessly to meet our needs. A sericulture technology exhibition of research findings will be held to enlighten the farmers about the new technologies developed by the institute. The Ministry of Communications and Information Technology had asked the chamber to identity the site for setting up the park. He said none was against the use of modern technology in the bank to improve efficiency and quality of service.