technique meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
technique meaning in tamil is நுணுக்கு, உத்தி

technique meaning in tamil with example

technique tamil meaning and more example for technique will be given in tamil.
Bushs judicial nominees move quickly through the Senate without the threat of a Democratic filibuster a technique used to stall debate on an issue. Using endoscopy and a sideviewing telescope doctors adopted the Lothrop technique of removing the floor of the sinus to access the problem area and repair the leak entirely through the nose. It is a technique by which a thermal camera is used to measure and view infrared radiation emitted by all objects which have a temperature above absolute zero. Though the new Belgian coach Philippe de Ridder has been able to improve the fitness and technique of the East Bengal outfit the performance of the team lacked precision and finish. The Lap Band technique Laparoscopic Obesity Surgery a form of restrictive surgery involves putting a band around the upper stomach. Navreet Research and Information NERI a voluntary organisation in Rohtak has developed a new technique in which electricity can be produced from agricultural wastes. This equipment and technique had been accredited by Indian Institute of Technology IIT Delhi and the President A P J Kalam had also appreciated this effort. For a bowler he is the ultimate nightmare because he has this incredible technique by which he waits in his crease and does not move his feet at all. Anand Consultant ENT Head and Neck Surgeon of the MCV Memorial ENT Trust Hospital Pollachi has won the RAF Cooper Award for developing the technique of fibrescopic laryngeal surgery that helps avoid the use of anaesthesia during operations to correct voice disorders.