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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
tease meaning in tamil is சீண்டு, எரிச்சலூட்டு

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The accused who has since been arrested along with his minor accomplice was apparently angry with his brotherinlaw as he used to tease him about his family not being able to do anything while he managed to marry his sister against all odds. The matter having sorted out Sanjay would often tease his 14yearold brotherinlaw saying that his family could not do anything to prevent him from marrying his sister. Academics differ in estimating when if ever we might tease out a faint radio whistle from the cacophony of the cosmos but they are nearly all of one voice in saying that Seti makes sense. With his one eye on the group trying to tease him he tried to pull the hair of the girls attired as milkmaids of the pastoral Brundavan. To catch with the hands in cricket requires a fine dexterity but to trap a swerving cross with the instep to run full pelt with ball magnetised to toe to tease defenders with a blurring feint of the leg to persuade a ball to rise swerve and dip during a free kick is outrageous. But Li was quite erratic overall especially with her serve as she landed as many as 11 doublefaults to be able to tease the wiry Indian lass any further. That is if you dont mind getting into a world where machines tease each other a dashed bumper just means a little nudge and a world where everything looks beautiful if unreal. Pillai appealed to visitors not to tease the wild animals litter the premises with plastic carrybags and also not to cross the barricades. Aparnaa Gulvady an animal rights activist also gave a few tips on how to behave with street dogs Do not tease dogs when they are eating if you find a dog with its puppies stay away as it feels threatened and can become aggressive do not drive vehicles close to dogs while they are asleep.