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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
taxation meaning in tamil is வரி விதித்தல்

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taxation tamil meaning and more example for taxation will be given in tamil.
High taxation and transportation costs had made the purchase of wood from Karnakata for sale in Mumbai and Pune unviable for Kallai traders. Chidambarams attention to critical issues for consideration in the budget including the definition of corporate tax fringe benefit tax FBT international and nonresidents taxation personal taxation and capital gains. As the investments made by assessee are source of funding of various longterm infrastructure projects the taxation of maturity amounts would impact the investments strategies of the assessees. We will not interfere. The State Government on May 19 2003 passed the Tamil Nadu Motor Vehicle Taxation Amendment Act 2003 which provided for lifetime tax and green tax. They said that 40 of the 125 medium dall mills in the Hyderabad Karnataka region is closed due to the present taxation policy on pulses by the State Government while the dall mills in the Maharashtra were flourishing. The Excise and Taxation Minister Vinod Sharma has been given Power Public Works B and R and Environment. Sharma who had streamlined the excise and taxation system which brought in record revenue to the State coffers in less than one year told The HolyIndia that he had opted for a change of Ministry from Excise and Taxation to Power as he loves challenges. The Rangarajan Committee set up to evolve a pricing mechanism along with a taxation regime for petroleum products will submit its report very soon for likely incorporation of its recommendations in the Budget for 200607.