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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
tapestry meaning in tamil is ஓவியத்திரை

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That of Robert Jackson the former Tory Minister and exLabour MP would be a veritable Gobelin tapestry of European threads. Quilts and furnishings fabrics dress materials and tapestry materials are some of the other products on display. Deeper cooperation and integration was the thread to transform this region into a harmonious tapestry of progress for all. The other products on display include Tussar silk dress material shirtings salwarsuits kurta pyjamas tapestry material bed sheets towels pillowcovers lungies and bafta saris. Bathed in moonlight and a rich tapestry of words and music narrating the story of its past Chowmahalla Palace in the old city shone with the glory and grandeur of the past. Radhakrishnan silverhaired and bespectacled bowed with folded hands as he stood before a huge wall tapestry behind a stately procession of 72 professors in black caps and gowns five macebearers in mediaeval blueandscarlet uniforms and faculty deans in scarletandblack. His life has been a rich tapestry of manysplendoured roles as a lawyer legislator Minister in Kerala Government High Court judge member of the Law Commission Supreme Court judge and universally admired champion of the causes of freedom equality and the uplift of the downtrodden. The results 1. V.G. SARAVANABAVANANTHAM GOLD CUP 1600m 3yo only Paradise Flight Always A RainbowBasood 58.5 Rajendra Singh 1 Resplendent Glory 60 Milan 2 Star Tapestry 57.5 Ross 3 and Miracle Girl 49 C. Bachchan said Indian cinema was accepted unconditionally as a vivid multihued texture of the tapestry of the country.