tape meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
tape meaning in tamil is வார்ப்பட்டை, வாரால் கட்டு

tape meaning in tamil with example

tape tamil meaning and more example for tape will be given in tamil.
They have wound the toe of the bat with black tape which will enable the third umpire to see clearly in slow motion if the bat has crossed the crease in time or not. Then the silver tape was curled and vertically welded on the surface of the designed silver sheet so as to make a floral design forming cavities for fixing stones. Police are working to secure the release of American journalist Jill Carroll who was seen in a tape aired on an Arab TV station late Tuesday for the first time since her January 7 abduction in Baghdad. Lecture notes without a tape recording net 50 and even nonattendance at the class while providing copies of the teaching materials is worth 10. Quiz Master Charanpreet Singh said that the correct answer was that there was no tape at the finishing line. Such a strike force would be effective in combating insurgents and would help cut through red tape and delays associated with intelligence sharing he said. But Sunitha showed tremendous reserves of strength to catch up with Pavneet towards the end and lunged at the tape in a jumbled finish with her adversary. Wearing protective tape on his ankles the 19yearold Nadal on Sunday beat Santoro 62 16 103 in Tarbes France the third set being a super tiebreak format. The capsule contained brown sugar and were covered with blue adhesive tape and wrapped in pink polythene. House breakin Thieves broke into the house of a retired executive in Velachery and took away electronic goods a camera a few silver coins a tape recorder and a walkman.