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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
tank meaning in tamil is தொட்டி

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Inaugurating a computer training centre set up by an SHG at Poomalai commercial complex on the banks of Gopal Samudram tank here on Friday he said top priority has been given to SHG members while allocating the shops in these commercial complexes. After speaking to the farmers from Pendekallu Chagallu and Chinna Yakkaluru villages whose lands were being acquired for construction of Pendekallu balancing reservoir Chagallu barrage and Chinna Yakkaluru tank it was decided to pay Rs. Water supply will also be at low pressure in C8 Sector18 of Rohini BB W Block of Shalimar Bagh and Motia Khan DDA flats due to annual flushing of overhead tank underground tank and booster pumping station this coming Tuesday. A sum of Rs. 4.27 crores had been allotted to upgrade the Bengondapuram tank in Pocchampalli taluk to irrigate 991.03 hectares. Similarly the irrigation canals of Barur tank will be extended at an outlay of Rs. 5.15 crores to irrigate 2289.5 hectares. Since the Necklace road and Upper Tank Bund were closed revellers had to confine themselves to other main roads to exhibit their racing skills. Inspecting the areas where four irrigation schemes were going to be executed the Collector said that it was decided to renovate Kalvettu tank at Navalkadu at a total cost of Rs.28 lakhs to supply water to the Anandanar channel. A Rs.5crore proposal had also been sent to the Government to desilt and renovate the Kollenkaderi tank near Anandapuram to distribute water to the Thovalai channel to make use of it for irrigation purpose.