tangle meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
tangle meaning in tamil is சிக்கலாக்கு

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If a composite State could be formed for Bengal and Bihar which had almost agelong differences it would show a way out of the Bombay tangle where too a composite MaharashtraGujarat State could be formed. Any solution of the Kashmir tangle obviously should take into consideration multi cultural multi ethnic and multi religious character of the State. Karnataka Chief Minister H.D. Kumaraswamy on Saturday said the Cauvery tangle could be resolved through mutual talks and not through court of law which would be a longdrawn process. The talks called by Legislative Assembly Speaker Krishna to resolve the tangle in the Legislative Assembly on the Governors address of February 24 failed with the Opposition led by the Congress insisting that he review his ruling on the issue. The teaching emphasises that to escape the tangle of illusion one needs to overcome attachments threats and temptations. The first was the legal tangle over whether the admission will be based on a Common Entrance Test for all students. The Chief Minister who reviewed encroachments and legal tangle involved with Batakammakunta on Tuesday said the AdvocateGeneral should be briefed about the issue to speed up the procedure. The ailing dyeing industry caught in an environmental tangle for the last few years is overwhelmed by the 49 per cent tariff cut by the water supplier the New Tirupur Area Development Corporation Limited NTADCL. Even an ordinary citizen can locate a person if heshe screams in a car or tries to escape from the tangle of criminals.