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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
tailoring meaning in tamil is தையற்கலை

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Moreover the SHG members were trained in tailoring and making readymade garments to make end meet during the lean periods. Loans would be provided for setting up small enterprises such as vegetable shops tailoring and embroidery centres flower shops fruit processing units pickles and jelly milk products bakery internet data processing electrical services motor rewinding hotels and lamination centres. To address the problem we are ready to provide onthespot appointment for anyone with tailoring skills says V.P. Subramaniam president Textiles and Garments Exporters Association. Prakash suggested that the work be entrusted to womens selfhelp groups SHGs and to those who have undergone tailoring courses. CII has also identified HandinHand an NGO based in Kancheepuram to impart training in industrial tailoring to 400 young women in Sriperumbudur taluk. Tailoring course Multi Disciplinary Training Centre of the Commissioner for Khadi and Village Industries will conduct a training camp in tailoring and beautician courses from February 15. They suggested students to take up smallscale activities such as cottage industries tailoring and handicrafts to get an assured income. An exhibition on selfemployment opportunities in small scale industries tailoring and units of BHEL Small Scale Industries Association BHELSSIA and Tiruchi District Tiny and Small Industries Association TIDITSSIA formed part of the seminar. Rotary Club of Mysore West has inited applications from physically challenged persons for free training in tailoring and computer application course.