tail meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
tail meaning in tamil is வால்

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From then onwards irrigation tanks will be filled up to January 31 in the tail end lying in Balkonda and Armoor constituencies. Though on a slow pitch with a hint of uneven bounce where Anil Kumble and Sunil Joshi will turn their arm over in the next few days Delhi might well nip the host tail early on Wednesday morning to avoid trailing a 300 plus total. Snag In a recent incident when the tail rotor of one Dhruv developed some technical snag near Hyderabad the pilot executed a safe landing without any injury to any of the passengers HAL officials said. Environmentalists in Kodagu are up in arms against the Barapole Small Hydroelectric Project at the tail end of the river which runs into Kerala. Resuming at 292 for nine the Andhra tail added 15 runs setting U.P. a target of 151 to win. U.P.s move to ask Praveen to open paid rich dividends as he produced some stunning shots. At present only two bogies nearer to the engine and two bogies at the tail end of the train are being provided. Technical snag In the recent incident the tail rotor developed a technical snag but the pilot made a safe landing without a scratch to any passenger. Teething troubles Many reputed manufacturers faced teething troubles with tail rotors andnew helicopter programmes often got stretched. The tail rotor blade of the helicopter which crashed belonged to a particular batch and the accident was not related to any design deficiency. The tail rotor blade of the helicopter was of sound design and extensively tested the manufacturer said.