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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
tactics meaning in tamil is உத்திகள்

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Rajendra Prasad when he came onstage at 730 p.m. on December 22 triggering off a clash with another group of students objecting to the disruptive tactics of their rivals. Campaigning tactics The BJPs impressive performance has to do more with collective leadership and better campaigning tactics. Gowdas pressure tactics Mr. Vishwanath said the Congress party has been tolerating Mr Gowdas threats and pressure tactics right the from the day the coalition assumed power more than eighteen months ago. K.D. Viswanaathan Coimbatore Diversionary tactics seem to be in operation to turn attention away from the allegations against Swami Ramdev. He said Salem was resorting to such tactics because of the information that the Anti Terrorist Squad got from him with the lie detector and narcoanalysis tests conducted in Bangalore. He had been raising funds recruiting for LeT and training the new recruits in the use of explosives firearms and tactics in Pakistan and Bangladesh. They have been defensive in their tactics here said Sehwag who is an extremely positive cricketer. It was mainly because of C.M. Stephens tactics that the CPIM plan of ruling Kerala failed and instead a Government led by C. In the petition the TPT accused the Board district administration and local elected representatives of resorting to delaying tactics and demanding certain details from the Centre though they were not authorised by the EIA Notification. Inzamam denied that he had been negative with his tactics in Lahore after his team had declared at a massive 679 for seven.