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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
tackle meaning in tamil is கையாளுதல், எதிர்த்துப் போராடு

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Jana Reddys reported statement that the Government would take the Armys help to tackle the naxal problem. What hits the country hardest is the fact that unlike in developed countries developing countries have been slow to establish any substantive measures to tackle the problem. The kind of attention that was paid to curb naxalism was not being given to tackle this type of terrorism and accused the Government of pursuing votebank politics. Drug misuse can ruin lives and were determined to tackle this by putting more drug dealers behind bars and getting more addicts into treatment. An apex industry chamber has urged the Union Finance Ministry to increase the taxGDP gross domestic product ratio to over 15 per cent apart from plugging distortions and leakages in its expenditure plans to tackle the crisis in public finance. Sanju S Thiruvananthapuram Twopronged approach A twopronged approach is required to tackle the issue preventive and punitive. Saying that the police were geared to tackle crimes against women the affidavit pointed out that two fullfledged Mahila police stations had been established in Bangalore. It was difficult to tackle the situation in view of heavy snow along the highway where the fault was reported. N.R.M. Nagarajan Executive Engineer of the GESCOMs Raichur Division said that recently the division has opened a 24hour Service Station in the city to tackle problems faced by residents. While Tamil Nadu extending full cooperation to its neighbours in this regard better coordination was necessary to tackle such crimes says a senior police official.