tack meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
tack meaning in tamil is பொருத்தாணி

tack meaning in tamil with example

tack tamil meaning and more example for tack will be given in tamil.
Discovering the unfair trade practice she asked the firm to tack back the goods and refund the money. This M.M. Borkar told the daily Lokmat was an example of intellectual bankruptcy and an attempt to befool people. Another official tack is simple falsification. It has already changed tack by seeking to include the forward castes despite its basic ideology of representing the Dalits the oppressed and sections of the minorities. Prabakarans organisation has since changed tack 151 and made the internal matter the responsibility of the Government. The Chennai Corporation AIDS Prevention and Control Society CAPACS run helpline 1097 has registered an increase in the number of callers ever since it changed its publicity tack earlier this year. It further submitted that in case of an accident in trains running on the elevated tack on the route fire tenders would not be able to approach there due to narrowness of the road. Meanwhile Nizamabad MP Madhu Yashki Goud who adopted a strident posture in favour of Telangana in the last two days changed tack claiming he was misquoted. This is something they could do since they now control Congress. Another tack quite familiar to the Romans in their Senate in the old days. But they are not willing to do it. In the Lok Sabha the BJP led by Kiran Maheswari managed to provoke the treasury and ruling coalition benches towards the end of the 65minute budget presentation when in a change of tack they alluded to personal relations between Mr.