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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
tabletop meaning in tamil is அகன்ற பலமான பலகை

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The outfield here bears little resemblance to the billiards tabletop at Mohali and is punctuated by practice pitches. Kottakunnu a tabletop tourist destination in Malappuram unravels the sylvan charm of the Eranadan hills. The RTO was pondering over the idea of a miniature tabletop model where all the attributes of the road would be constructed including the narrow bridge steep hill zigzag road and round about. It will also develop a tabletop calendar from the 12 best drawings which will be given away to people from their branchesto promote awareness on universal child education. Local wet grinder brands Santha PVG and Ultra have displayed their range of tabletop and tilting grinders. Santha showcased its flourmill ideal for dry grinding of pulses and grains and Maestro its vertical tabletop that does not take up too much space. Anthonys School on Gangondanahalli Main Road around 9.30 a.m. smashed the glass panes and a tabletop at the principals chamber. The tabletop gadget fuelled by a Geode processor chip from AMD harnesses a contactless smart card using Radio Frequency Identification RFID to identify the owner.