sword meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
sword meaning in tamil is வாள்

sword meaning in tamil with example

sword tamil meaning and more example for sword will be given in tamil.
Outer sand 600m Supreme Sword Shelar Understanding Neeraj 41.5. Pair level. The procession set off from the temple as soon as the Valiyaraja handed over the ceremonial sword to the royal representative around 1 p.m. The royal representative was taken in a palanquin to the Kaipuzha Palace on the opposite bank of the Achenkoil river. Show stealer However it was the Secunderabad MP Anjan Kumar Yadav who stole the show by presenting a mace made of silver to the party president and a sword to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh. Narredu Britney app Thunder Dancer app Great Opinion Merchant Divine Protocol Deepesh Sher Afgan app and Super Sword F. Madam Yu Ying a member of the delegation gave a demonstration of sword dance which was much appreciated. Rajendra 1 Strawberry Fields 53.5 McCullagh 2 The Rising 55 P.S.Chouhan 3 and Supreme Sword 55 Shelar 4. Mock race Feb.16 race track 1200m Super Sword F.Irani Majestos C.S.Jodha 119 60039. With the Damocles sword hanging over their head twowheeler riders are frantically scampering for helmets at every retail outlet. III rated 40 to 70 Arabian Lady Diffident Grundys Flame 48.5 Zameer 1 Sword Of Power 51.5 P.S. Chouhan 2 Incomparable 52.5 cd 47.5 C.S. Jodha 3 and Get Fresh 61.5 S.N. Chavan 4. BJP national president Rajnath Singh flashes the sword presented to him by his admirers at a public meeting in Hyderabad on Saturday. Amritpal Singh parade commander during the ceremony received the Sword of Honour and gold medal for the Best All Round Cadet.