swollen meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
swollen meaning in tamil is புடைத்த

swollen meaning in tamil with example

swollen tamil meaning and more example for swollen will be given in tamil.
Fiftyyearold Varabala Narsamma showed her swollen ankle and said I am unable to lift my hands and am suffering from unbearable pain. Helicopters divers and foot patrols searched for two days along the swollen river near Dite village about 40 km from Beitbridge the main border post to South Africa. The Paravanar that was once considered a gift of the farmers had now become the woes of the farmers because the swollen river had caused enormous damage. Till a few years ago patients with swollen thyroid glands walking around unaware of the medical condition was a common sight. Offspinner Harbhajan Singh nursing a swollen index finger is almost certain to sit out of the game. And Harbhajan will need seven to eight days to recover from the painful index finger of his bowling arm the finger is swollen due to fluid collection. Infected birds show symptoms like swollen and drooping head coughing sneezing diarrhoea decreased appetite drop in egg production paralysis and death. We are watching out for symptoms such as shivering diarrhoea swollen head and paralysis says V. S. Suddenly around 3 p.m. when the number of workers had swollen considerably the protesters rushed towards the main building. Sources in the corporation have indicated that the initial estimates for Rs 250 crores have swollen to Rs 990 crores and from there to Rs 1100 crores as part of the first year plan itself. An RTC bus wading through swollen Gundlakamma rivulet at Maddiralapadu village in Prakasam district on Monday.