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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
switch meaning in tamil is மின்விசை

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The switch worked immediately with Argentina striker pushing the ball past goalkeeper Roy Carroll with his first touch and rolling the ball into an empty net with his second. The switch of this control valve is under the control of the engine driver who can switch on the valve for emptying the tank once the train is off the station. Supriya and Akash said that the simple formula of the model is that streetlights switch off automatically with the help of sensors when there is no traffic on the road thereby saving power. Once the vehicle passes the fourth sensor placed at a vantage point another signal will be relayed to the control and switching circuit to switch off the light. She asked me to switch off the lights and saw the drawing for nearly 10 minutes and said Do you feel happy when you painted it or are you happy when you are acting. Many Indians are discovering the benefits of a single handset that can switch seamlessly from landline to IP line at a price that is only a little more than that of a standard cordless phone. VAT is to be put into practice in a totally computerised environment but many traders are yet to switch on to a computerised operating system observes a trader. No maintenance However both the organisations have neglected the upkeep of the switch boxes as a result of which none of these installations in the city are in proper condition. The switch over to Learning by doing mode from the practiced Learning by listening mode seems to have made the difference to these students who a few years ago could not have believed the transformation they have undergone after joining the JKCs while in their engineering course.