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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
swindle meaning in tamil is வஞ்சனை

swindle meaning in tamil with example

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4 4 Seethrough nature 12 5 Swindle partner carrying money. Suresh allegedly tried to swindle money from the account of Sivaramakrishnan 64 of the Thekkemadhom area in the city on Monday by offering to help the latter to operate his account using his ATM card at the M.G. Road Branch of State Bank of India. Two Nigerian nationals who allegedly tried to swindle money from a businessman by luring him with transfer of huge amount of unclaimed money from Nigerian banks were arrested by the Banjara Hills police on Saturday. Even as hundreds are moving towards Internet for a profitable deal it is also being used by technosavvy tricksters to swindle others. Addressing a Press conference here senior BJP member Mahendra Singh Thakur charged that the mastermind behind the swindle used to operate from the residence of the Minister who represents the Gopalpur constituency in the Vidhan Sabha.