swim meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
swim meaning in tamil is நீந்து

swim meaning in tamil with example

swim tamil meaning and more example for swim will be given in tamil.
He became the first American to swim under 4 minutes 15 seconds in the fourstroke IM event and lowered the American record four times. Kumaraguru of Kottivakkam New Colony had gone with a group of friends for a swim on the occasion of Kaanum Pongal. He stepped into the water and was washed away by a strong current. A group of six labourers in milk factory ventured into the river for a swim near Seetammavari Paadalu on Wednesday. A. She along with her classmates made it a habit to swim for an hour or two in the mornings and evenings at the well under the supervision of physical education teacher S. But the dark side of the Bhang trip is that revellers who go for a swim in lakes around the city get drowned. According to reports Modumiyya who rescued two children and a woman from drowning could not swim ashore. PMSC swim camps The P.M. Swimming Centre will conduct summer camps from April 1 at its pools in Jayanagar and Vijayanagar. Now there is water enough for local villagers to jump in for a swim in the hot afternoon after collecting shells on the seashore to be sent for the kilns. Each time I would swim deeper into the lake away from the shore I would have this feeling of being engulfed and choked by the still waters. Kavita will be exhibiting 35 works in serigraphy pastels and sculptural works in glass. On Sunday five boys sauntered out for an evening of frolic and decided to swim in the Mathikere water tank. Rambhupal Rao said the trio came to the village at 3.30 p.m. After operating the generator they went for a swim at 4.30 p.m when they got drowned.