swell meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
swell meaning in tamil is வீக்கம், வீங்கு

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swell tamil meaning and more example for swell will be given in tamil.
NPDR background diabtic retinopathy is an early state of the disease where tiny blood vessels within the retina leak blood or fluid causing the retina to swell or to form cholesterol deposits hard exudates in the central area of retina macula. Franklin hit a six from the second ball to swell Kiwi hopes but Bradshaw did not allow another boundary until the final ball when New Zealand was still in need of five runs to win. One key fallout of the revamp could be a swell in the commercial value of land hereIn other words the amendments could spell a boost for real estate deals here. Organisers point out that the number could swell by the night as many of the devotees would finish their fast on the occasion of Sivaratri before embarking on the Jatara trail. 531 crore in infrastructure trucks information technology and manpower in India in the next five years as it feels the infrastructure sector will swell twofold by 2014. Using cotton and a tube the students had shaped a heart which would swell up when air is blown into the tube. He draws attention to the plight of a sweating traffic constable trying to control the swell of traffic. As the air passage is blocked the affected lung collapses fully or partially or it may swell like a balloon. Rashes The joints of the affected person swell and rashes may occur. Mushtaq Ali secretary TNSA pointed out a onemetre swell in the sea tested the skill the sailors slightly more in the second race. The chop and a swell between one and two metres meant the sailors not only had to read the current but also had to manoeuvre their dinghies over the waves.