sweetness meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
sweetness meaning in tamil is அமிர்தம்

sweetness meaning in tamil with example

sweetness tamil meaning and more example for sweetness will be given in tamil.
He waxed eloquent about the sweetness of Urdu language and recalled how films like Chowdhwin ka Chand and Saheb Bibi aur Ghulam were literary masterpieces. Kumaraswamy said Ugadi which heralds the arrival of the Kannada New Year symbolises the presence of both bitterness and sweetness in life. Demand But it was bevu or neem and bella or jaggery that were in demand as it is customary to partake bevubella symbolising ones equanimity towards sweetness and bitterness of life. They exchanged bevubella neem and jaggery which is symbolic gesture to show that they share both sweetness and bitterness. There is a need to create a positive impression on young minds and make the young generation understand the culture and ethos of the country make them read Telugu literature and understand its sweetness and richness. These spots caused by bacterial infection inject a special sweetness into the fruit from the skin to the pulp. However there was some sweetness in physical distances that have now been reduced with a mobile phone. Todays youth have a different mindset he says. He said It is necessary to separate Shishunala Sharif from any particular religious tag. Expressing his concern that the sweetness of the natural music was losing its verve and value in the cacophony of the instruments Mr. Again she didnt rely on the sweetness of her backhand but on sheer willpower that the 14thranked Italian could not match. But it was the addition of Sanskrit words in a high dose that added a sweetness to Telugu he pointed out.