sweeten meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
sweeten meaning in tamil is இனிப்பு உண்டாக்கு

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All the perfumes of Arabia will not sweeten the hand of George Bush which is going to place flowers at Rajghat. UDUPI PLATE 1200 m rated 40 to 70 4 yo over Salvatore Burden Of Proof Sweeten Up 60.5 Gallagher 1 Our Own Star 56.5 B. Legal experts as well as investment bankers expect the two bidders to sweeten their offers if any by that time so that the prevailing situation could be factored into the terms of the auction process mooted by the UK Takeover Panel. Amid speculation that Essar might be taking a hard line to bargain for a premium from Vodafone for exiting the venture where it has 33 per cent stake the British giant had made it clear that it would not sweeten its offer which would be the same as that made for HTILs controlling stake. Its wish list was slightly more ambitious than the broad government support of 20 percent for semiconductor manufacturing units announced 151 but it is still open to Delhi to sweeten the package in subtle ways like infrastructural support Mr. To sweeten the hard deal Seagate last week announced a new 160 GB hard drive in India the Momentus 7200 that came with free fall protection If you dropped your notebook a sensor detected the motion and quickly parked the sensing head safely so that no data was destroyed.