swear meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
swear meaning in tamil is உறுதி எடு

swear meaning in tamil with example

swear tamil meaning and more example for swear will be given in tamil.
The indefinite strike is being organised by the Students Federation of India SFI in protest against the university authorities refusal to swear in Prasanth C. When the next Assembly is constituted the seniormost member of the House is appointed Protem Speaker who will swear in all new members. What a contrast to the present day leaders who swear by Gandhiji but never practice the Father of Nations simple way of living. Mom can pack food in this without the hassle of the plantain leaf cracking or leaking caterers swear by the paper leaf because it is easily available in a slick pack and can be stocked unlike the plantain leaf. Kumaraswamy displayed his socialist leanings by taking mild potshots at the information technology and biotechnology sectors and those who swear by it. And to be eligible for a job in Australia you must have what every successful migrant would swear by excellent technical skills. One day they will find themselves all back in a Test and swear they will not repeat the same mistakes. Yet she simply got herself elected as leader of the AIADMK Legislature Party and persuaded the Governor to swear her in as Chief Minister. I swear by God to be loyal to the homeland its holy places people and its national heritage and to respect the Constitution and the law and uphold entirely the interests of the Palestinian people he said. It always did to me I would swear under the breath 151 and sometimes audibly 151 to spark myself to life. The Bench said that it was unfortunate that an institution founded by a great social reformer was entangled in faction politics coups and countercoups and litigations that too between groups of Sanyasin disciples of Sree Narayana Guru who swear allegiance and commitment to his great ideals.