swamp meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
swamp meaning in tamil is சதுப்புநிலம்

swamp meaning in tamil with example

swamp tamil meaning and more example for swamp will be given in tamil.
Pounraj CBE 2 bt A.S. Krishna T.V. Puram 1 S.N. Anand Swamp KAR 1 lost to S.G. Vijendra Mysore 2 Naveen S. The plan also proposed extending the length of the existing Velachery drainage course to link it with the Palliakkaranai swamp at a cost of Rs. Layers of peat that line the swamp floors make the waters highly acidic leading scientists to suspect little life could flourish there. This is a swamp of political corruption and it must be dried up Judge Edna Beckenstein was quoted as writing in the ruling. Underpopulated Australia will swamp these Games but at the Olympics prefers the medalspermillion index a method understandably not fancied in overpopulated India for using that calculation at Athens 2004 we were last. The study comes in answer to critics mostly scientists involved in hurricane prediction of previous research who argued that local factors such as the difference in wind direction at various altitudes known as wind shear would swamp any effect of warmer oceans. Pirated discs will soon swamp the market resulting in loss of revenue to the Government and us as well. It terminates abruptly about 2 km before the swamp and this aggravates the problem a visit to the area shows. The jeep in which they travelling was pulled out of the swamp left by the receding Penganga on Wednesday. The company recently used one to locate mock victims in a swamp near Naples Florida during an Air Force exercise Mr. According to the staff in the past the rainwater run off from Raj Bhavan and the IITMadras campus found its way into the lakes of Velachery Pallikaranai swamp and the Buckingham canal using the sloping terrain.