suck meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
suck meaning in tamil is உறிஞ்சு

suck meaning in tamil with example

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Sweeping machine An expert committee set up by the corporation had recommended the use of a vaccumassisted sweeping machine to suck up sand and dust and keep the roads clean. The RBI had hiked the reverse repo rates by 25 basis points twice so far this year to suck out excess liquidity in the market in a bid to check money supply and thereby controlling prices. Under the impact of summer heat the parched fields suck in lots of water and farmers depend on both bore well and canal water to meet this requirement. The live worm will wriggle though skin into the lung through the blood stream into the intestine and suck blood from its walls. The hoppers normally suck the sap from the basal portion of a stem that makes the crop turn yellow or brown and eventually it dries up. They observed that high power pumps were pressed into service to suck up sand from paddy fields and waterlogged areas on the banks of rivers. But the project has been criticised by environmental groups such as Greenpeace which argue that the enormous cost will suck funds away from other areas of alternative energy research with no guarantee that an effective method of simulating and harnessing the fusion process will ever be found. The geology division of the zilla panchayat has converted over 625 defunct borewells into pipes that suck rainwater deep into the earth. Some action patterns are observed including mudpuddling wherein the butterflies land on wet mud and suck salt and other minerals and nutrients from the soil.