style meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
style meaning in tamil is ஒயில்

style meaning in tamil with example

style tamil meaning and more example for style will be given in tamil.
The new Discover retains all the style attributes such as athletic lean and muscular styling along with gorgeous graphics. For the sheer comfort of moving around my home with my laptop and working online. Rajesh Doshi director of Zebronics a popular PC hardware store says the technorati are obsessed with adding style to their computer. Anilkumar has said that the Communist Party of India Marxist is seeking to extend its Kannur style politics to the entire State. I like his style of playing. The coach chipped in Sitting for long hours is an ordeal for kids of Harshas age. Bunraku is also called Ningyo Joururi a name that points to its origin and essence Ningyo means doll or puppet while Joururi is the name of a style of dramatic narrative chanting accompanied by the threestringed shamisen. I will continue with this aggressive style with him too that is what works for me said Prakash on the next big match. Radhakrishnan appears to have waded the troubled waters setting his own style of functioning that was indeed different from his assignment as Water Resources Minister. Soon after the inaugural session an Assamese classical dance was rendered by Sriguru Jatin Goswamy while a ballet on Mahishasura Mardhini was performed in the Purolia Chavo style by Chinibas and troupe from West Bengal. Their life history replete with social service human welfare sarvodhaya is narrated lucidly and in a gripping style by Solai author. The Mumbai lad sporting a refreshingly attacking style of play raced to a 50 start and sustained the momentum to overwhelm his opponent in 40 minutes.