stupid meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
stupid meaning in tamil is முட்டாள்தனமான

stupid meaning in tamil with example

stupid tamil meaning and more example for stupid will be given in tamil.
And even that would get irritating after a while 151 do you have any notion quite how stupid sheep can be. But other newspapers published the cartoon in solidarity ... I would think that they would now be thinking that it was a kind of stupid thing to do. Im not sure if anyone anywhere is going to be stupid enough to create a new cartoon or a cartoon of a similar nature in future. He has shown that he is capable of big hundreds yet is making stupid mistakes that show that he has simply not adapted to the subcontinent. On the conference Sir Legget said I wanted the possibility of being wrong without being stupid 151 of being wrong if you like 151 for interesting and nontrivial reasons. He is now I suppose almost a mere boy who has suffered and seen things many of us in this court wouldnt want to go anywhere near. Taking the rifle was a crass and stupid act and theres genuine and real contrition he added. The Kochi store will have a shopinshop corner he said adding that the second retail brand Stupid Cupid would focus on fashion accessories and artificial jewellery .The company has also a vast retail chain with over 425 franchisees across the country. A Communist member had described the budget of the State of TravancoreCochin as a stupid budget and said the speech of the State Finance Minister was more stupid than the budget. A Congress member wanted to know whether the word stupid could be used by a member in the House. Hancon tried to explain the rationale behind many of the procedures which Indian visa seekers often find cumbersome and sometimes stupid and laughable.