stupendous meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
stupendous meaning in tamil is அதிசயமான, புதுமையான, மிகவும் பெரிய

stupendous meaning in tamil with example

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Two kids from the citys chess stable brought laurels to the country with their stupendous performance in the Asian chess tournaments that concluded recently at New Delhi and Singapore. Realising the stupendous opportunities in the ITES sector JKCs are now being opened for traditional degree courses on pilot basis at Vishakapatnam Rajahmundry Guntur Khammam Nalgonda Karimnagar Chittoor Kadapa Ananthapur Kurnool and Hyderabad. Recalling the stupendous progress made in every field during the last 57 years he exhorted the people to work hard as the progress of the whole nation was only possible if the condition of villages was improved. After last years stupendous success yoga guru Swami Ramdev Maharaj will be back in the city with his Yoga Sadhana camp from February 6 to 12 at the NTR Stadium Lower Tank Bund. Their engines were called Hiawathas Eagles Dixies and Chiefs stupendous machines that could haul a hundred wagons across the prairie. In contrast the Uzbek won repeated rounds of applause for his stupendous ability to cover the court and come up with breathtaking strokes. That was the birth of Manja Ulaganathan. Symphony Audio has recently rereleased Ulaganathans 1992 gaana album following the stupendous success of Valla Meenukum song. Paddlers read table tennis players like Bhanusree and Chandrachud secured their medicine seats thanks to their stupendous performance in TT. The Congress chief secured 474891 votes beating her nearest rival the Samajwadi Partys Raj Kumar Choudhary by a stupendous margin of 417888 votes.