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Officials informed the minister that the Corporation was studying the feasibility of utilising the old pipelines which were laid years ago to supply water to the Salem town by the then municipal administration once again for water supply. The Tamil Nadu Educational Trust has said it has selected 249 fresh students studying in professional postgraduate and graduate courses for awarding scholarships to the tune of Rs. 9.20 lakh for the academic year 200506. The trust awards scholarships to meritorious and economically backward students studying in the firstyear degree and postgraduate courses in arts science and in professional courses in Tamil Nadu according to a press release. Rural students studying in these schools found it difficult to pay fees and it was also a financial burden for the church. Veer Mann studying in eight standard and the youngest member of the Punjab team said she felt good performing in Kozhikode and other places. Third immigration issues in the U.S. have led to a disenchantment with the West increasing the emphasis on studying domestic problems. Those demanding early introduction of English argue that studying a new language is more difficult in the higher classes and such students always are at a disadvantage while seeking admission to professional courses. The answer to all these questions can be obtained by studying the methods being used for disciplining children in schools says citybased paediatrician P.S. Rao. Rao is studying different punishments given to children in schools and their impact on the minds and bodies of the children.