struggle meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
struggle meaning in tamil is கடப்படு,அவதியுறு

struggle meaning in tamil with example

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However internecine political feuds as well as the power struggle between the Congress and the NCP continued throughout the year keeping the coalition very fragile. The AISF leaders called upon the MPs and MLAs to resign from their posts and join the struggle for an independent university. Many couples who have gone for medical termination of pregnancy the first time have had to struggle later to have a baby. With their limited income they virtually struggle to make both ends meet and hence the payment of telephone bills etc. during the last week of the month only adds to their woes. The idea of giving up the global warming struggle is dangerous because it shouldnt have come to this. Scoring twice in each half ICF outplayed Sporting Union Chennai 40 whereas Indian Bank had to struggle hard before disposing Chennai Customs 10. In a grand gesture the party district unit secretary Palla Venkat Reddy called the armed struggle hero Shiva Reddy on to the dais and felicitated him. No wonder there is a rash of books by Blist celebrities while serious writers struggle to find acceptance. Social reformers of the State who included Sree Narayana Guru Chattambi Swamikal Ayyankali and Mannathu Padmanabhan had waged relentless struggle in the past to put an end to the evil customs that existed in the Hindu society during the 18th and 19th centuries Mr. Sukumaran said that the youngsters should inculcate good traits and struggle to achieve their objectives in lives. The AISF decided to intensify its struggle to safeguard the democratic and progressive rights of students.