structural meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
structural meaning in tamil is கட்டட அமைப்புப் பற்றிய

structural meaning in tamil with example

structural tamil meaning and more example for structural will be given in tamil.
Officials confer that traffic would resume once a stability certificate is obtained from the Structural Engineering Research Centre Chennai a CSIR subsidiary. The contract states that SDIC will carry out the decontamination of all directly visible friable and accessible asbestos without either dismantling the ship or affecting its structural integrity. Banks should also make structural changes in the organisation including mergers and acquisitions he added. Vijayan is known for his sustained contributions to research in the area of structural biology and molecular biophysics. A metaphorical language is used to represent the complexity of the situation and the structural complexity of her works makes her a strategic observer and narrator of the realities lived by her. Need for better business practices Corruptfree and dedicated leadership better business practices and radical changes in structural aspects of cooperatives are important for their survival. Karukanaran said changes in structural aspects of cooperatives were necessary in changed business environment. The third lesson related to the second is that a structural change in economy should follow the agricultureindustryservice sequence. A high agriculture growth of four per cent and industry growth of more than 10 per cent are needed for better structural change. There are fears that reforms in the agricultural sector could mean displacement of small farmers with the industrial and infrastructure sectors not being capable of absorbing the risks of such structural shift.