strict meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
strict meaning in tamil is கண்டிப்பான

strict meaning in tamil with example

strict tamil meaning and more example for strict will be given in tamil.
The strict and disciplined product development culture that other Asian nations such as Taiwan Japan and China excel in is largely absent in India. Bharatiya Janata Party BJP State president P.S. Sreedharan Pillai said here on Sunday that he would enforce strict discipline in the party. We are continuing dialogue with the Government on ways to relax certain strict conditions on this count he said. He said that each country should maintain its culture as mixed culture led to confrontations adding that Anna Universitys strict dress code was a step towards preserving Indian culture. Through this show the force is also trying to communicate that accent will be on strict enforcement of law. Even so we have sent the blood samples of the dead eagles in Ranikhet to our testing centre in Bhopal. India has strengthened its surveillance against bird flu and was keeping a strict vigil on migratory birds. The Goa Government has decided to introduce meter system coupled with strict enforcement of fixed tariff cards for taxis through the Department of Transport to resolve the confrontation between tourist taxi operators and travel agenciestour operators. The Rs.160crore turnover of the company during the current financial could be achieved due to strict adherence to norms and investment in improving the qualitypackaging infrastructure. The police officers including Inspector General of Police Allahabad zone and DIG Allahabad range at a meeting with police officers and jawans had stressed on maintaining a strict vigil keeping in view the recent terrorist attacks in Delhi Banglore and Ayodhya in the recent past.