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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
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Urdu School Inspection Officer Abdul Rab stressed on inculcating discipline from primary school level. The team has been invited despite a declaration by United Nations representative Craig Jenness that the elections were transparent and credible. He also stressed that there was no justification for fresh elections thereby negating the Sunni demand for it in some areas. Kerala Congress Joseph leader and chairman of the Gandhiji Study Centre P.J. Joseph has stressed the need to harness the possibilities of frontier technologies to enhance productivity and income from agriculture. Leading psychooncologist Brindha Sitaram on Sunday stressed the need for a drastic change in the patientdoctor relationship in the treatment of cancer with more importance given to psychosocial oncology. Soma Valliappan stressed the importance individual development and the methods to be adopted to achieve the same. Speaking on a wide range of subjects including the declining interest in science among school children he stressed the need to provide handson experience and the chance to do it yourself to stimulate interest in young persons to do something. Easy availability Doctors in various specialities stressed the importance of easy availability of blood and commended the MBDA for mustering support from a vast group of people for voluntary donation. H.R. Mohan Associate VicePresident The HolyIndia stressed the importance of acquiring proficiency in all spheres of learning. Municipal Chairman Bapatla Hanumantha Rao stressed the need to create awareness among people on sanitation.