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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
stream meaning in tamil is ஓடை

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Scientists in Southampton England uncovered first evidence that the offshoot of the Gulf stream which gives the north western fringe of Europe its balmy climate is slowing down. How did she work herself to getting a special prize as well as becoming the topranking student in her stream in the university. IV rated 20 to 50 Money Stream Binkhaldoun Charmed Creek 52 cd 50.5 Walkar 1 Ruby Rosa 55.5 S.Nayak 2 Letsgetloud 58 T.S.Jodha 3 and Genesis 54 Kharadi 4. Kadapa Municipal Corporation officials should allot alternative house sites to families to be displaced by widening and beautification of Buggavanka stream course CPI Town Secretary G. He decried issue of notices asking houseowners who encroached upon Buggavanka stream poramboke land to voluntarily demolish their houses within a fortnight. He demanded completion of beautification of Buggavanka stream course before commencing town beautification works. Persons below the poverty line rendered homeless by removal of encroachments as part of widening and beautification of Buggavanka stream will be allotted housing in Satellite City on outskirts of Kadapa town Kadapa Mayor P. The water in the Njunangar has almost turned into a thick viscous fluid as the stream carries the entire fluid waste from the Sannidhanam which does not have a sewage treatment facility. Agreement An MoU signed by the Government with the company recently provided for the completed facility becoming operational in four years but arrangements were under way by the company to go on stream much earlier Mr.