straw meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
straw meaning in tamil is நீர் உறிஞ்சி

straw meaning in tamil with example

straw tamil meaning and more example for straw will be given in tamil.
Foreign Secretary Jack Straw told the BBC on Friday nobody is talking about invading Iran and that Iran is not Iraq. No Iraq analogy Mr Straw pointed out that Iran was not in the same category as Iraq which he said incontrovertibly had had a chemical and biological and nuclear weapons programme and had invaded its neighbours. As representatives from America Russia China France and Germany gathered here on Monday to formulate a common response to the controversy over Irans nuclear programme British Foreign Secretary Jack Straw said it was for Teheran to assure the international community about its intentions. Foreign Secretary Jack Straw told the Commons that the Government had already made public details of American requests to use British airspace or airport facilities for extraordinary rendition of prisoners. The decision last summer to participate in elections for a legislative council that was created by the Oslo accords it once fiercely opposed was itself a straw in the wind. British Foreign Secretary Jack Straw said the meeting indicated Iran which recently restarted nuclear work had not abandoned efforts to find a diplomatic solution. The talks attended by U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice British Foreign Secretary Jack Straw and other E.U. Foreign Ministers started late on Monday and continued till early on Tuesday. The inspection team went into the sweltering tin shacks where women and children were huddled together on straw mats and torn plastic sheets. Amanita Muscaria a reddish coloured mushroom also found in the Western Ghats is said to induce a hallucinogenic effect on the users while paddy straw mushroom a variety that sprouts on paddy straws is said to have the characteristic property of Agino Moto.