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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
story meaning in tamil is கதை

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The story Article titled For a secure growth of Internet banking and ecommerce in the Business Review section of The HolyIndia on December 26 2005 has a photograph showing the name trademark and screen shots of ICICI Bank website. Muthammal Palanisamys From Shore to Shore tells the story of a family which had to migrate to Malaysia then the land of promise. Set in the early 1900s the book traces the history of Muthammals family. Written in lucid prose the story of love labour and war unfurls to the reader at an unhurried pace. It is the story of one such builder a man who hobnobs with politicians by day and has a pretty dame on his arm by night. It is the story of a newspaper vendor who dresses up like a tramp but puts uneasy questions to all aspiring MPs. He beats them all in elections only to find things getting murkier just the kind of story a teenager would write on a bad day. Once the story is imbibed the children are free to select their roles and make adaptations. A large number of the plays performed here are based on folk tales like the Panchatantra and convey strong morals. The story deals with a series of escapades of a man with a roving eye who runs away from the marriage hall refusing to marry and is later caught between two wives who are totally different from each other his pains and pleasures in trying to strike a balance. His story with the racket this year has had a good ending and is now set for a fresh 2006 with Martin Damm. If this place were to be in New Zealand Australia or in any part of the world the story would have been different he quoted an NRI as saying.