storm meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
storm meaning in tamil is புயல்

storm meaning in tamil with example

storm tamil meaning and more example for storm will be given in tamil.
Women led by CPI corporator storm the excise station in Kurnool on Saturday in protest against the detention of a minor girl in the lockup. The association appealed to traders to use jute and paper bags as plastic bags choked storm water drains and caused floods. The day also saw the touches of brilliance from world champion Pankaj Advani as he collected double century two and century break seven to storm his way into the quarterfinals of the junior billiards event. III rated 40 to 70 Lord Of The Rings Tirol Miss Champagne 58 Parvesh 1 Celestial Fire 56.5 Rajinder 2 Blast Of Storm 48.5 Naresh 3 and Feraligator 61.5 D. The plant was frostresistant and was found in large numbers near swamps sewage and storm water drains. Otherwise they may share the fate of the storm water drains that could not withstand last seasons heavy rainfall. Along with solid waste management the BMP should also take care to see that the natural drainage channels and storm water drains are restored well before the next monsoon. Valarmathi told officials that efforts to clear storm water drains should be given priority so that floodrelated problems are reduced during the next monsoon. Brilliant display Flashy Manan Chandra of PSPB produced brilliant potting to end the run of local favourite and former champion Siddharth Rao to storm into the semifinals. Observers here are intrigued why the Political Agent has chosen to go public with the preliminary investigation into the incident which has caused a storm in the country.