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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
storey meaning in tamil is மச்சு, மேல்மாடி, மெத்தை

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Interestingly the MCD as well as the Delhi Development Authority had submitted before the Court that only a building residential in character and not going beyond twoandahalf storey and owned by the original resident his descendant is to be permitted in Lal Dora areas. Private construction firm Mecon India took up a detailed study of the proposals for multi storey parking lots in six locations in Chennai. When the Assembly elections are completed and a new Government takes over one of the items on the top of an action plan for Chennai will be to start work on building the series of multi storey parking lots planned across the metropolis. The issue of automated multi storey parking lots has been discussed announced and almost got off at least thrice in the past 10 years. Open ground storey buildings have consistently shown poor performances during past earthquakes across the world a large number of them have collapsed. As a result in the last few years an estimated 6000070000 people have been resettled in seven storey buildings erected by the Maharashtra Area and Housing Development Authority MHADA or private builders. The third storey of the building was under construction when the accident occurred at 12.45 p.m. There were about 50 workers in the building most of them on the third storey terrace which was being concreted when it collapsed. The civic body demolition squad reached the Kalkaji Double Storey colony in Block A and started razing encroachments on public land and illegal extensions of buildings.