storehouse meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
storehouse meaning in tamil is சேமிக்கும் இடம்

storehouse meaning in tamil with example

storehouse tamil meaning and more example for storehouse will be given in tamil.
Nearly 65 per cent of CO2 emissions are from the US he says adding global warming would have harmful effect on the life on earth particularly on coral reefs the storehouse of biodiversity resulting in their destruction. He said libraries must become vibrant cultural centres of the villages instead of remaining mere storehouse of books. Karur Coins are a storehouse of not just inspiration but also information. During her stay here she rendered the staff and students a storehouse of knowledge and information on key concepts in teaching dramatics debating etc. Karunakaran deputed the flying squad team that raided a storehouse in Rahul Gandhi Nagar of Udayampalayam and seized 53 bags of ration rice. The mascot named Chunchoo explains the biodiversity of the Western Ghats the impact of human interference and the mining that is having a negative impact on the environment.Also on display is a Karnataka Infokiosk a storehouse of information on environment in all its dimensions. Gateway to knowledge A library should not be just a storehouse of books. The Fort which consists of DLannoys tomb along with a chapel once known as the storehouse of firearms swords and other weapons serves as a safe haven for spotted deer rabbits monkeys peacocks lovebirds etc. Based on their confessions the police raided a house at Kovaipudur used as a storehouse for spurious liquor sourced from Karnataka. Quality upgradation programmes such as installation or updating of pulping machinery construction of drying yard and storehouse and pollution control attract 20 per cent subsidy on the total cost.