stolen meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
stolen meaning in tamil is திருடப்பட்ட

stolen meaning in tamil with example

stolen tamil meaning and more example for stolen will be given in tamil.
His partner Sunil Gupta who was fond of leading a luxurious lifestyle selling the stolen goods had served nearly two years as a juvenile delinquent. 7 lakhs stolen NIZAMABAD Robbers broke into a house at New Bank Colony near Kanteswar and decamped with 60 tolas of gold ornaments worth about Rs.7 lakhs in the wee hours of Sunday. The police said that the accused had allegedly stolen 12 electric poles along with 1.5 km wire all estimated at Rs. In 2003 the accused had stolen two 50 HP motors a motor pump and gas cutters from a lift irrigation scheme near Gonwatla. Burglary Gold ornaments weighing 20 gm and cash worth Rs.10000 were stolen from the house of Ashokan residing at Elippode in the Vattiyoorkavu police station limits on Sunday night. A Maruti car in which they were allegedly carrying a stolen transformer and another motorcycle were seized. As we left Namasagali news came through of the Ugandan governments decision to go after the officials who had stolen 280000 of Global Fund money made available to buy the longlife nets. Whenever a new section opens we normally do encounter problems pertaining to closing of doors and stolen tokens but over a period of time things settle down said the DMRC spokesperson Anuj Dayal. Since about 12000 tokens had been stolen in the first two days of operations the Corporation has also reminded that theft of a token can invite a fine of Rs. 4 lakhs stolen Thieves took away gold ornaments weighing 40 tolas 2900 Australian dollars and Rs. Official sources in the Government departments at the building claim that the iron bars were being stolen at night.