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Store thousands of litres of fragrance and get sprayed in and around it 24x7 so that I escape from the stink of Musi. This stink gives severe headaches irritation in the nose and throat and sometimes ends in bouts of cough. But the health hazards of the polluted waters and the stink from the water owing to the raw sewage load in the river are striking. The stink of accumulated garbage menace of stray dogs and pestering by hawkers and the lack of adequate number of toilets changing rooms and cloakrooms have made holidaying on this beach resort a notsopleasant proposition for foreign and domestic tourists. For the past six months residents of the Coffee Board Layout near Hebbal have had to face a stink as a major portion of the slab covering the sewerage between Yogesh Nagar and Netaji Nagar broke. Mathew George Coimbatore This is with reference to the item Colonies stink as Corporation fails to dispose of garbage dated March 24. Residents complain that the uncleared garbage is raising a stink in the area as well as causing health problems. Bishnoi whose brother Chander Mohan is Deputy Chief Minister in the Bhupinder Singh Hooda Cabinet raised several questions in the interest of people of the State and said the Chief Minister should answer them in order to clear the stink surrounding the deal. Youth Congress workers staging a symbolic protest in front of the Corporation Office in Kozhikode on Saturday with their nose covered with cloth to draw the attention of the authorities to the stink emanating from the garbage that ha s piled up in the city.